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The Strange Journey of Ṣägga Krǝstos


Matteo Salvadore talks about the strange journey of Ṣägga Krǝstos and his impact on the Renaissance world. Salvadore is an Associate Professor of History at the American University of Sharjah. He’s the author of The African Prester John and the Birth of Ethiopian-European Relations, 1402–1555. Salvadore writes about Ṣägga Krǝstos in his essay “‘I Was Not Born to Obey, but Rather to Command’”: The Self-Fashioning of Ṣägga Krǝstos, an Ethiopian Traveler in Seventeenth-Century Europe”


Replay: Empires of the Sky


Alexander Rose talks about the history of airplanes and airships at the turn of the century, a time when the direction of aviation remained unclear. Rose is the author of Empires of the Sky: Zeppelins, Airplanes, and Two Men’s Epic Duel to Rule the World.

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Alexander Rose

Time to Eat the Dogs Live Podcast!


I’ll be doing three live zoom interviews in May — on May 3rd, May 10th, and May 17th from 3:00-4:00pm EST– for students of the President’s College here at the University of Hartford. Anyone can register for the events and when you do, you can watch my interviews and ask your own questions at the end. I’ll be talking to Eric Berger about his new book Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days that Launched SpaceX and Kristina Newman-Scott, artist and arts director, about her journeys from Jamaica to Brooklyn where she is now the president of BRIC, one of the most important arts and media institutions of New York. Registration costs $60 and proceeds (including my honorarium) will go to supporting student fellowships here at the university. I hope you can join us! Register here.

Inventing the World

Meredith Small talks about the city of Venice and its importance to the history of travel and exploration. Small is professor emerita of at Cornell University and visiting scholar in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s the author of Inventing the World: Venice and the Transformation of Western Civilization

Replay: Running and the Science of the Extreme

regulyarnyj-beg_000_2The sport of running has exploded in the last three decades with some runners pushing the envelope of the extreme. But what do we really know about running and its effects?

  • Is there a running type?  
  • Does running affect men and women differently?
  • What do we know about extreme runners – people running races of 50 miles or more?

I talk with Dr. Beth Taylor about the science and psychology of running.  Taylor is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut. She also serves as the Director of Exercise Physiology Research at Hartford Hospital. 


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For more on Taylor’s work on running, see her website:


And some of her recent publications:

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