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How Isolated Tribes Fight Back


Scott Wallace (center) talking with Sydney Possuelo (left)

Scott Wallace talks about his recent trip to Brazil reporting on the Guajajara people’s efforts to protect uncontacted tribes from loggers, miners, and poachers. Wallace is a journalist and professor of journalism at the University of Connecticut. His article ‘The Last Tribes of the Amazon’ was the cover story of National Geographic in October 2018.


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  Tom O’Connor wrote @

Hi Michael,
Great podcast! I only found it today but I’ve already downloaded a couple more episodes I will listen to.
What shocked me about this interview is how political leaders who obviously do not respect indigenous people’s rights at all are still being voted in such positions and there is no news coverage about this on the other side of the great pond..! Staggering.

Originally, I found your website while researching for my MA thesis on local intermediaries (voyageurs/indigenous guides) in Arctic exploration in Canada, which I am still writing.
All the best and keep up the good work,

University of Bern

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