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What is an Expedition?

A Madagascar expedition to Marojejy Mountain, 2010. Credit: Christopher J. Raxworthy

Time gets away from me. It’s May and I’ve been slow to post. I have new material that should be in the pipeline soon. I also hope to post two new interviews within the month.

For the interim, you may be interested in a fantastic conference site “What is an Expedition?” which will be hosted by Australian National University in June 2012. In addition to paper abstracts, the site has a spectacular bibliography page which would serve as an excellent reading list for Ph.D prelim students or serious exploration junkies. 

Also possibly of interest: “Beyond the Extremes: Contemporary Narratives of Exploration” a panel that poet Ravi Shankar and I organized last week at the University of Hartford. The panel included artists, historians, poets, and anthropologists speaking about the points of connection between exploration and the arts. John Dankosky moderated the panel for his radio show, Where We Live. You can listen to it here.


  Famous Explorers wrote @

Thanks for sharing this link. I find the site very helpful especially the bibliography page.

  The Best Chain Letter Ever! | Thrill Seeking Behavior wrote @

[…] who Rode freight trains and is now hiking the Pacific Crest trail. 2. Time to eat the dogs, a modern day adventurer, if ever there was one. 3. Historians are Past Caring who brings together science, history, yew […]

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