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Voyage to Pittsburgh


Tomorrow I leave for the History of Science Society Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. I thought I would save a few bucks by driving, since Connecticut is practically neighbors with Pennsylvania (apart from a small wedge of New York). But I didn’t factor in that Pittsburgh is at the western extreme of the state, closer to West Wheeling, West Virginia than Hartford CT, an embarrassing oversight for someone who claims to know something about U.S. geography and exploration. So I will pay for my mistake by sixteen and a half hours of donuts and talk radio. I’m bringing my camera to chronicle the journey. I will try to post while I’m in the field (or at the conference) so until then, happy travels.


  Stephan Bullard wrote @

Yes, my folks live ~50 miles south of Pittsburg. It’s an adventurous trek to get there! Enjoy!

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  Jeniece Fortin wrote @

Can you give me the source of the road image (voyage to pittsburgh). I would like permission to use this image for the flyer for a girl’s camp titled American Road Trip. It is a small camp of 35 girls – not much circulation. Can give credit to your site below the picture. Thank you.

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