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Replay: The Mystery of the Franklin Expedition


In 1845, two British naval ships left England with 129 men in search of the Northwest Passage. They were never heard from again. The disappearance of the Franklin Expedition shocked the world. Dozens of expeditions set sail into the Arctic looking for the missing explorers.


Russell Potter talks about the Expedition and the reasons why it continues to fascinate people around the world. Potter is professor of English and Media studies at Rhode Island College. He is the author of Finding Franklin: the Untold Story of a 165-year Search.

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Potter’s website with Franklin links

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  Anthony T Rauche wrote @

Michael, I texted you recently about a program on PBS about this topic. It was from 2015 or 2016, but new to me. I found it fascinating that modern technology was being used to help solve the mysteries of this expedition.

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