Time to Eat the Dogs

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Thanks Research Blogging!

Research Blogging Awards 2010

Time to Eat the Dogs has been named a 2010 finalist for best blog in Social Science and Anthropology by Research Blogging. The awards panel received four hundred nominations and then selected 5 to 10 of the best blogs in each field.

For those who don’t know about Research Blogging, it is a site for “identifying the best, most thoughtful blog posts about peer-reviewed research.” They have over 1000 registered blogs and an archive of 950 research based blog posts.

Registered bloggers at Research Blogging.org will begin voting for winners in each category on 4 March, so if you are a serious blogger and fan of Time to Eat the Dogs, please register and vote.


  eric wrote @

Congratulations and good luck!

  Michael Robinson wrote @

Thanks Eric!

  Deborah Dudley wrote @

got my vote.

  Michael Horwitz wrote @

Well deserved kudos on a blog that’s caught my eye and mind.

You’ll have my vote.

All the best.

  Gabriel wrote @

Wow, this blog blows me away. Congrats on all your good work. I found your site through a link on the Rhode Island College website.

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