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Time to Eat the Dogs logged its 100,000th view yesterday. It’s only a matter of time now before TBS offers me a late-night show on exploration, but I want you to know that I’m not going to let it go to my head.

Let’s face it: the biggest blogs rack up 100,000 views in a few hours. And the 100,000 number doesn’t say anything about the viewers who found their way here through some horrible accident (such as searching for “naked men at sea” or “cooking squirrel”).

Still, I’m happy. I started this blog because I was frustrated with the way people talk about exploration, or more precisely, the way they weren’t talking about it.

While scholars from many fields study exploration, most of their discussions tend to be tightly confined. Debates unfold in the pages of poorly subscribed, peer-reviewed journals. And while academic communities talk past each other, they are also talking past the public: the thousands of people who are fascinated by exploration, who read articles and buy books on the Apollo missions, Christopher Columbus, Ernest Shackleton, and Lewis and Clark.

Blogging here has put me in touch with people from all of these different communities. And their feedback has influenced my work. It has changed scope of my projects and the way that I think about them.

So thanks for stopping by, offering suggestions, leaving comments.

Thanks too to the other bloggers who have given guidance and support: Ting & Tankar, Deep Sea News, Ether Wave Propaganda, World’s Fair, Dispersal of Darwin, The Beagle Project, The Renaissance Mathematicus, and others.

You’ve made me a better scholar in the process.


  Dr. M wrote @

Congrats! Welcome to the big leagues!

  Kevin Z wrote @

” I started this blog because I was frustrated with the way people talk about exploration, or more precisely, the way they weren’t talking about it.”

Yep that about sums it up for us with the deep sea and marine invertebrates.

Well, your blog is pretty awesome, so you deserve all the credit for writing awesome and interesting posts!

Keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

  Michael Robinson wrote @

@ Dr. M and Kevin: You guys are nice. Right back at you – I love Deep Sea News.

  darwinsbulldog wrote @

Congrats, Michael!


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  Thony C. wrote @

Thank you for educating us. Keep up the good work. See you at the million!

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  jaivirdi wrote @

Going through your archives. Awesome milestone and ditto on the reasons and frustrations.

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