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Replay: Searching for Hobbits


Liang Bua

In 2003, a team of archaeologists discovered a new hominin species in a cave on the island of Flores in Indonesia. The fossils were a big story not only because they were new, but also because they were so small. Homo Floresienses stood about three feet tall.

Paige Madison talks about her work at the Liang Bua cave in Indonesia where she studies Homo Floresiensis as well as the team of researchers who have worked at the cave for years, sometimes for generations. Madison is a PhD candidate in the history of science at Arizona State University where she also works with The Center for Biology and Society and the Institute of Human Origins. She writes about paleoanthropology at the blog Fossil History. She returns to Liang Bua as a Fulbright scholar this fall (rebroadcast).

DSC01462 (2)

Paige Madison


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