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Replay: Mapping the Polar Regions


Cole Kelleher walks through the Adélie penguin colony at Cape Royds

Cole Kelleher talks about his work for the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota, an agency that uses satellite data to support polar scientists in the field. In addition to making maps, Kelleher works with polar scientists, and coolest  of all, has teamed up with Google to provide street views of McMurdo Station in Antarctica (see links below). 


Cole Kelleher


Polar Geospatial Center

Antarctica Street Views on Google:

Taylor Valley Ventifact Boulder

Gonzales Spur

Arena Valley

Beacon Valley

Lake Bonney

Marshal Valley

McMurdo Station

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  Jon Hooker wrote @

This was fascinating, to hear someone who is on the front lines of exploring our most inaccessible regions of the planet and even changing and augmenting the way exploration is done in the modern world. Really great interview!

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