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Replay: Do You See Ice?


In the 1800s, explorers and whalers returning home from the Arctic described a cold, desolate world, one that could swallow up expeditions without leaving a trace. But this did not describe the Arctic of the Inuit, who called this world their home. Dr. Karen Routledge tells the story of Baffin Island’s Inuit community as they came into contact with western whalers and explorers in the nineteenth century. Even though the Inuit worked closely with outsiders, their views of the Arctic world, their ideas about meaning of home, even their concept of time itself remained very different from the men they encountered. Routledge is a historian for Parks Canada. Her book, Do You See Ice? Inuit and Americans at Home and Away is published by University of Chicago Press. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 4.49.45 PM
Karen Routledge


  aizolnai wrote @

Fascunating podcast, thx for contrasting not only Innu and Caucasians but also from Innu there and those I met in the Arctic Islands. Same contrast as between Plains and Great Lakes Indians I also met

  Michael Robinson wrote @

Thanks for the kind words! Karen Routledge’s book is excellent — really thought-provoking.

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